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School-Based Therapy and Counseling Services

The School-Based Therapy and Counseling Program helps students learn to manage feelings of anxiety, depression, phobias, and other emotional or behavioral health issues that may be interfering with school and life functioning.  School-Based services provide school aged children convenient access to counseling in the familiar setting of their school. Eligible students must currently attend a school served by the School-Based Therapy and Counseling Program and be motivated, along with their family, to work towards treatment goals.


Educationally Related Mental Health (ERMHS) 

Children may be referred for educationally related mental health services through their school.  These services depend on the student's needs, but can include school-based therapy, family therapy, parent counseling and training, behavior support, and case management.  These services are conveniently offered at the school site.  Students will have an individualized education plan (IEP) and be referred for educationally related mental health services through their school. An assessment will be completed to determine eligibility.



Reduce levels of disruption and violence in schools.

Prevent/reduce substance abuse among youth.

Increase attendance, reduce suspensions and improve school climate.

Increase access to mental health services for students as needed.



School-Based Mental Health Counseling and Therapy

Social and Emotional Development

Student Support and Education

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention and Intervention

Tobacco Use and Prevention Education (TUPE)

California Healthy Kids Survey 

Referrals to Healthy Start, Behavioral Health, Public Health and other county agencies

Team DUI

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)